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Indy Arts Council unveils mental health grants for local artists

Indy Arts Council unveils mental health grants for local artists

The notion that depression and other forms of mental illness go hand-in-hand with creativity is so prevalent that it gave rise to the terms “tortured artist” and “mad artist.” But is this idea just a stereotype, or does it actually contain a grain of truth?

The Wug Laku Mental Health & Wellness Grants will support artists seeking mental health care with either $250 or $750. The program will create awareness and access to mental health care for individual artists and arts and culture workers in central Indiana.

The COVID-19 Artist Impact Survey informed the creation of this program for Artists to identify better and address the needs of artists. In addition, artists or arts administrators may apply for individual or group counseling, art therapy, or wellness/mindfulness programming.

The program is named after local artist Wug Laku. The talented creative took his own life four years ago, yet those who knew him did not know he struggled with mental health.

Deadlines for application review are each Sunday at 11:59 pm throughout the grant period of June 9 – August 22, 2021. After you finish the form and click ‘submit,’ you will receive a response regarding your application within 10 business days after the Sunday deadline.

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More information on The Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Keep Indy Creating Fund: https://indykeepscreating.org/.

Learn more about artist Wug Laku and his lasting legacy: https://indykeepscreating.org/about-wug-laku/.

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