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Are you up for the challenge? Franciscan Health starts new wellness program

Are you up for the challenge? Franciscan Health starts new wellness program

Franciscan Health is helping people to improve their mind, body, and spirit with its Do Good. Feel Good—30-Day Challenge.

It’s a free wellness program to help people re-center and refocus their frame of mind after living in unprecedented times and dealing with stress.

Participants will receive daily emails or text messages with acts of kindness and small tasks starting June 1. The goal of each daily motivation is to help build new habits to continue beyond the 30-day challenge.

Daily messages include activities like writing down what you’re grateful for, a reminder to hydrate, meditate, pray, or ideas to pay it forward.

Franciscan Health said when mental health takes a downturn, physical health can follow, whether it’s from lost sleep, poor diet and exercise, or neglecting your own health as you do your best to care for your loved ones.

“I think we all need some accountability. I think we all need a little help that we don’t need to think about what needs to be done. I think that’s what this program kind of does is that we deliver the message to you so simple and yet so consistent and all you got to do is open the email or read the text and just carry on with it,” said Jim Slavo CRM Manager at Franciscan Health.

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You can sign up by registering your email on the program’s website or texting GOOD to 26464.

It’s also encouraged to share inspiration with others on social media by posting a photo using the #DGFG challenge.

This article was originally on wishtv.com. 

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