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Indianapolis area therapist offering pro-bono services to the Black community

Indianapolis area therapist offering pro-bono services to the Black community

Black Americans around the country are in pain, including myself, a Black woman. We are feeling the hurt and pain that we are all too familiar with, where we are often treated as less than by those who are paid to protect and serve us. Not only have Black people been forced to mourn the deaths of family and friends as the deadly coronavirus sweeps through communities across the globe, but we’ve also had to grapple with the fact that Black men and women in the U.S. are brutally murdered by police in their own homes, choked to death on the streets, and racially profiled as they mind their own business.

The murders of Sean Reed in Indianapolis and George Floyd in Minneapolis by the police sparked thousands of people to take to the streets to protest their deaths and the broader problem of police brutality against Black people—not just in the United States, but around the world, including Indianapolis.

Black people have been fighting so long for the right to be treated as equal and valuable, but we never talk about the toll it takes on our mental health. Right now, access to mental health care for people of color is especially critical but the cost is often a barrier. Irvington Counseling has created a  list of Indianapolis area therapists offering pro-bono sessions to members of the Black community affected by the trauma of recent and historical events. Below you will find a list of therapists who are offering their services for free. If you have questions regarding this list, please contact Lauren Hall at lauren@irvingtoncounseling.org.

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The offering of pro-bono services are subject to mutual availability of therapist and client. Referrals will be offered when necessary. Please contact therapists directly for inquiry.


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