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Farmer’s Fridge Now Offering Delivery in Indianapolis

Farmer’s Fridge Now Offering Delivery in Indianapolis

Farmer’s Fridge, a Chicago-based startup, puts a healthy spin on the typical vending machine. Throughout Indianapolis, there are several automated smart Fridge locations, putting chef-curated meals and snacks in your hands in seconds.

To help make their products accessible to consumers during the coronavirus pandemic, Farmer’s Fridge launched its brand new delivery program. You now have access to delicious and high-quality breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks delivered right to your door. Delivery is now available to select zip codes throughout Indianapolis. To place an order and see if you qualify for their delivery program, visit delivery.farmersfridge.com.


High-quality food and food safety

Farmer’s Fridge works to provide people with access to fresh, healthy food options even when getting to a fridge isn’t possible. To carry out this mission, they now offer food delivery to meet current consumer demands. Food safety is a critical part of their business; they pride themselves on the daily precautions taken to deliver the highest-quality products. To ensure complete confidence in the safety of your food, their individually-packaged items are always made to Food and Drug Administration manufacturing standards, which includes strict sanitation practices.

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Supporting their communities and frontline workers

One crucial aspect of Farmer’s Fridge is to give back to their communities whenever possible. Since the pandemic, they have started to increase their efforts, supporting those in need and workers on the frontline. Currently, the company is ramping up its food donations to community members in need. Also, Farmer’s Fridge will continue to operate in a variety of their frontline locations, including 140 healthcare facilities, a 911 call center, and airports. They have also instituted discounts at their healthcare Fridges to help frontline customers. 

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