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Alternative Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Alternative Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Holiday wrapping is an art in and of itself. Sure, picking out the perfect gift is essential, but people go to great lengths to make the presentation of the present just as meaningful!

While all those beautiful ribbons and bows and glittering wrappings can be stunning, they can also take a toll on the environment. In 2017, the U.S. alone spent $12.7 on wrapping paper and products — which is wasteful enough, right? But the worst part is that most holiday paper & products can’t even be recycled, meaning that the countless hours you spent wrapping all those gifts are just contributing to landfill waste.

This year, let’s consider ditching the wasteful wrapping paper trend altogether and instead swap it out for these alternative holiday wrapping ideas!


Tin Boxes

This holiday season, are you planning on gifting any homemade treats (or store-bought, we’re not judging!)? If so, consider placing them in a tin box instead of cardboard! Holiday tins are incredibly affordable and can add a beautiful touch to your gift.

Cloths & Tea Towels

Smaller boxes and items can be quickly wrapped in cloth or even cute dish towels (hello, bonus gift). Wrapping gifts and other items in linens is an ancient Japanese tradition, called Furoshiki. Not only is it a more sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping methods, but it’s also super simple. Check out this tutorial for wrapping anything in Furoshiki.


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Reusable Tote Bags

Gifting something a little too large to be wrapped in linen or towels? Reusable totes are all the rage right now and are a gift within themselves. They’re perfect for perusing the farmers market, running to the store, or even packing for a weekend road trip. The uses for reusable tote bags are endless, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles these days — so you’re sure to find some that all your friends and family members will love!


Seed Paper Gift Tags

Plantable paper products are known to contribute towards reforestation, improve soil health and water quality, and bring joy to those who plant them. Why not swap out traditional cardstock and stickers with seed paper gift tags instead? Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they’re also extremely cost-effective!

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