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Event Spotlight: Indy Fitness Festival

Event Spotlight: Indy Fitness Festival

Indy Fitness Festival is the first of it’s kind in Indianapolis! The fitness crawl kicks off October 19-21 with dozens of fitness classes to chose from over the course of three days – with access to 14 studios/gyms, 5 special guests, and 50+ classes.

Festival participants are allowed to make their own schedules with either a three-day, two-day or one-day pass, which will allow them to hop around to various classes in Carmel and Downtown Indy. There is a range of fitness activities from hot yoga, barre, boxing, dance, rowing, and a plethora of other full-length classes.

Angi Grant, Founder of Indy Fitness Festival says, “I wanted to create something where people would have an excuse to do something fun together. Something that involved feeling good about yourself. And working out is where that’s at for me.”

Angi started off with a blog, sharing her personal workout adventures and saw a large interest and a bigger need for people to try places out without doing it alone. She goes on to say, “That’s how the Indy Fitness Festival came to life. It became the best way to share my experiences with others on a larger scale.”

We’ve partnered with Indy Fitness Festival to give away a pair of tickets for you and friend to experience all the fun.

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To learn more or to purchase tickets, visit www.fitfreehappy.com.

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